I was waiting at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport for a flight to Dushanbe, Tajikistan when I received an SMS from my wife. It read:

mormor is now with the Lord since 1 1/2 hour. all went well. beautiful!

Mormor (Swedish for mother’s mother) is the affectionate name we called Anne-Marie Magnusson (1926-2012), Katarina’s beloved mother. She finally lost her year-long battle with cancer on 31 October 2012. Anne-Marie died surrounded by her husband Rune and three of her four adult children ( Katarina, Jonas, and Anne-Lena). She left behind 15 grand children, and 4 great grand children… and dozens of friends and admirers. To know her was to lover her.

Anne-Marie’s funeral on 15 November was a celebration of a life well lived. Her kindness, wisdom, diligence, faithfulness, and sense of humor earned her great respect. I knew her as my mother-in-law for 28 years and she was the best. She didn’t think much of my mother-in-law jokes but she was the most amazing mother-in-law a man could ever ask for. Anne-Marie visited us often (but not too often) when we lived overseas for 25 years. 🙂

She was kind-hearted and hard working. Anne-Marie was a master crafts woman on the loom and with needle point not to mention she made the best bullar (Swedish cinnamon roles) ever. I will greatly miss you dearest mormor! Thank you for a life well lived. You are an example to all of us. Your son, Scott