It has been fun to see that the international humanitarian sector’s most prominent HR actor, People In Aid has been promoting my doctorate research. Between January and May 2015, People In Aid (now CHS Alliance) have run four articles highlighting different aspects of my research findings. Isn’t that cool? If you are interested, check-out the following links:

1. Is grit more important than resilience?

2. Dealing with challenging relationships: vital skills for international managers

3. Shooting ourselves in the foot: a look at the Humanitarian sector’s self-inflicted wounds

4. How does a humanitarian aid worker become an exemplary field leader?

My full doctorate research thesis/dissertation, Exploring the professional journeys of exemplary field practitioners in the international aid sector, can be downloaded from

Mshooting self in footy article, Shooting ourselves in the foot: a look at the humanitarian sector’s self-inflicted wounds has been picked up by French humanitarian website Grotius International, who have translated it into French. Parlez-vous français?