For those of you who want on-the-job mentoring on your journey to make disciples, perhaps my colleagues and I can help. Together with some friends in OM Europe, we are developing a three-tier learning initiative that you can participate in wherever you are. We are call it Global Workplace Mentoring. Contact me if you are interested. Here is how it works.

The first tier of the training, is a 4-6 hour workshop based on my book Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work. It builds on the ‘big idea’ that all followers of Jesus have a God-given role identity as a priest (one who represents his people to God and one who represents God to his people). In the book I suggest six job competencies of a priest and how these competencies can be specifically applied in your workplace. The hoped for outcome in tier one is for participants to start to see themselves (and their fellow believers) as priests with a priestly role identity and mission. Another hoped for outcome is for some of the participants to commit to tier two training/mentoring. When we do this training in person, it is usually presented as a 4-6 hour workshop. We can also do the sessions online if needed. We believe Christians in the workplace need to see themselves as priests not evangelists. What do I mean? Well that might take a few hours to explain, but in short, an evangelist might pray, “Lord, how can I share the Gospel with this person?” but a priest will pray, “Lord, how do I represent you to this person”… of course sharing the Gospel may be part of how we represent Jesus, but representing Jesus is much more than just sharing the Gospel. Being a priest is much more comprehensive role than being an evangelist. This is explained in Embracing Our Priestly Nature at Work (the book is short, only about a 90 minute read). If the content of the first tier of training wets your appetite and rings true to your mind & soul… we invite you to consider participating in the second tier.

The second tier of the training is where we help mentor you in a small group setting. You form the small group and we facilitate the training. Each participant in the small group makes a formal commitment in the form of a learning contract to take time out of their schedule (usually 6-8 hours a week) to equip themselves over a 3-4 month period. Each participant makes a commitment to: pray for their work colleagues, memorize the sermon on the mount, apply biblical conflict resolution, reading a few books, and start a Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) within their affinity group. We meet 60-90 minutes each week, alternating between one-on-one and in the small group sessions (either in person or on Zoom) over 12-16 weeks. The hoped for outcome is to see confidence and “calling” develop. A result should be a significant increase in first hand experiences of seeing your life and the lives of people around you changed. It is also hoped that some participants will want to participate in tier three training/coaching.

The third tier requires additional commitment and customized coaching. Myself or one of my colleagues will make a long-term commitment to helping you (and/or your group) to have a long-term impact for Jesus in your workplace or sector. Participants in third tier have a deep burden for their people (coworkers, clients, suppliers, etc) and want to learn together how to facilitate disciple making movements (DMM) within the company or industry sector to which they belong. For example, maritime transportation, gas&oil, finance, construction, public service, etc. The hoped for outcomes are networked teams of disciple makers exploring how God might use them to influence their industry for good and see new vibrant communities of Jesus followers spring up through workplace relationships. There are no experts here, so it will be learning through trial and error and finding partnerships. FYI, tier three has yet to happen… although I have a long history of coaching church planting teams among multiple ethnic groups, but not yet among a workplace industry sector.